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SAP Services

You are running short on SAP Skills? You want to outsource your SAP environment. Well, you are right here –

What I offer threw my partners in Geneva, Switzerland as well as in Vietnam, Asia is described below:

Possible Project Languages – German, English and French

Our service offer SAP

  • Management of incidents
  • Proactive system monitoring and reporting
  • Escalation procedures
  • Documentation
  • Kernel and Support Package updates
  • System installation
  • System / environment copies
  • Upgrades and enhancements
  • Guarantee of system availability and performance
  • Database administration
  • Management of backups
  • Security management
  • Development ABAP Object and Java Forms (Sapscript, Smartform)
  • IDOC/BAPI interface development
  • Webdynpro, iViews, HTML skills
  • Workflow
  • Assistance for customer teams
  • Management of technical projects
  • Consulting

1. Our team

Our team, with high experience, can guarantee the efficient and effective management of your technical IT projects in the Europe and Asia-Pacific regions.
Divided in 3 structures, our team is composed by:

• SAP Administration pole

Motivated by the growing needs for proactive maintenance services for our European customers, our team is building solid skills in order to ensure the monitoring and maintenance services for 24h with the interactivity between us and the mother company.
With 5 confirmed SAP administrators, we cover all the tasks related to the administration of your SAP systems in different components.

• SAP Development pole

In the continuity of impressive development and to deliver an excellent service for its clients for an attractive cost, our offshoring partner in Vietnam under take the development including reports, interfaces, data migration and other topics in numerous SAP domain. Involving in the projects with the Management in Geneva, Switzerland, we follow strictly the standard and the timing imposed by the customers.

• IT/Help Desk pole

In order to satisfy the demand of local company for building their infrastructure and performing its follow up, we have developed this entity. We give support on remote and on site to our users in order to resolve their day-to-day IT issues.

2. Our strengths
We can boast a number of assets including:

The integration of Vietnamese and European teams to ensure round-the-clock system administration
Early morning checks and maintenance activities during the night to help reducing the inconveniences to users
during day In synergy with the Team in Switzerland, we involve in different projects for our European and Asian
customers and share mutually our experiences.
Specialized personnel
Direct access to those in charge
Competitive rates for a service of quality
Our employees are well paid to avoid turn-over
Expertise in numerous SAP components including R/3, ECC, BI, SCM, EP, Solution Manager and others.
SAP Service Partner
Microsoft Certified Partner

We can provide answers to all aspects of your projects by proposing a suitable resource.
The synergy between our respective teams means we in effect master all stage of a technical SAP and IT
projects from the analysis of requirements through to implementation and maintenance and including the
installation, integration, development and optimization of your systems.
We are proud of presenting a team which constantly strives to solve your problems in the shortest possible time.

Delivery threw highly skilled Swiss Romand Management Onslite in Vietnam (originally based in Geneva, French speaking part of Switzerland).

If you have further questions, or if you need Onsite instead of remote Support, don’t hesitate, drop me an email or provide me a quick call.

Best Regards,

Jutta Staudach, CISA, CISM
Cell: +49.171.3833409

What is Offshoring 2.1?

Software Development

Together with our partners – a software company based in Saigon, Vietnam provides Offshore capabilities, and good to know the management onsite in Vietnam is either german or swiss.

What is Offshoring 2.1?
Traditional Offshoring (Offshoring 1.0)
The customer gives a „book“ of requirements to the vendor, expects an estimation, a price and an
end date for this specification. At this date, he receives a result. But until they receive the result,
the specification is usually out-dated. In worst cases the customer cannot even sell his product
because of lack of understanding of the specifications or missing important features, which were not
initially planned in the specs.

Agile Offshoring (Offshoring 2.0)
Instead of specifying all requirements in the beginning, agile approaches concentrate on deliver
quickly usable modules after iterations of 2 or 3 weeks. The software is not yet completed but the
customer gets so quickly an overview of the requested software. Misunderstandings or missing
features are found quickly and can be flexibly integrated into the next iterations.The customer gets,
what he needs and not what he specified weeks or months ago.
Continuous communication between the vendor and the customer is the most important requirement
for this approach. Only then customer feedback can easily implemented and changes of priorities
prioritization of features are possible. Additionally it is important, that customers and vendors see
themselves as partners with responsibilities for both.

Intercultural Communication (Offshoring 2.1)
As c ommunication is the decisive factor already in software development within one company, it gets
even more important within Offshoring and Agile Offshoring. Therefore a management of people from
the same cultural area as the customer are appointed to assure the progress and the quality of the
software development. With weekly status-meetings and full ac cess to the same productive tools as
the vendor, the customer knows at every time the status of the project. This ensures the important
customer feedback without cultural or even lingual barriers. The customer profits from an open
communication and a full transparency during the cooperation.

As you already figured out we offer Agile Software Development with SCRUM.

And we can provide you one fixed developer – as long as you need him/her.
Technologies used: mainly .net, c#, but the more java as well

and as my partner have long term Microsoft experience they are familiar with Sharepoint Development too
and already have helped custimers to migrate from Sharepoint 2007 to Sharepoint 2010.

Last but not least for interested potential customers a virtual meeting in Saigon can be arranged, to provide you better feeling how the people are working.

If it’s real need, sure we can provide you nearshore services and onsite support, too.

Questions? Feel free to give me a quick call or drop me an email – will be glad to help.

Best Regards,

Jutta Staudach

For more about the new services – visit me here –

Fallstudie – das fiktive Projekt Teil 3

Mittlerweile laufen die Projekte New Infrastructure Service und Portal Entwicklung Offshore parallel.

Leider hat Programmemanager Hochnäsig vergessen, Projektmanager Willie Offshore von der Existenz von Projektmanagerin Bonnie Techhie zu erzählen. Bonnie Tecchie wiederum will sparen, und möchte die System Requirements von Willie Offshore gar nicht hören – sie sagt sich – noch mehr Blech ist nur schlecht für die Intelligenz der Programmierer.

Nachdem Business Change Manager Fredi Schlau aber mit allen labert erfährt Projektmanager Willie Offshore, was Projektmanagerin Bonnie Techhie plant, und ist der tiefsten Ueberzeugung es mir einer Irren zu tun zu haben, aber vielleicht weil Bonnie Tecchie auf einer grünen Insel aufgewachsen ist? Nein, das kann Willie Offshore gar nicht wissen und Bonnie Tecchie verweigert die direkte Kommunikation.

Dazu kommt, dass zwischen Willie Offshore, welcher sowohl die Portal- als auch die Anbindung der Drittsysteme ans Bankensystem leitet immer noch nicht auf die Idee kam die User zu fragen, ob sie einen Pullover oder eine Pudelmütze wünschen – CEO Unwissend ist sich dieser Notwendigkeit – obwohl er es strategisch tragen sollte und nach aussen hin Commitment zeigen auch keinesfalls bewusst – reicht doch das die Direktive steht!

Das die Filialmitarbeiter bereits den Betriebsrat angefragt hatten, da sich CEO Unwissend und das Board zwar die Einsparung von 1/3 der Filialen und 30% der Mitarbeiter ins Programme und damit in den Business Case geschrieben haben, nicht aber den Betriebsrat informiert hatten – who cares?

Immerhin hat er seinen IT Outsourcing Dienstleister Rechenzentrum Super Schnell informiert und ist bereits dabei entsprechende SLA’s neue zu definieren.

IT Outsourcing Dienstleister Rechenzentrum Super Schnell hat auch bereits seinen aktuellen SAS 70 Report präsentiert, welcher Ihm absolute Compliance und Governance bestätigt und Projektmanager Willie Offshore hat bereits einem Vertrag Software in Escrow zugestimmt.

CEO Unwissend ist von seinem Programme Manager Ursel Hochnäsig begeistert, so rasch so viel weiter gebracht.

Irgendwie dumm, dass mit dem Personal, den Filialmitarbeitern, außer Business Change Manager Fredi Schlau niemand spricht, und da er so schlau ist, verspricht er Ihnen mit Engelszunge ein tolles Programm, wo sie nur mehr mit den Augen klimpern müssen – sofern sie noch Inhouse zwinkern dürfen. Außerdem werden Sie von viel weniger nervenden Consumer Kunden in Zukunft belästigt werden, vielleicht mal eine alte Oma, aber der Rest wird alles mit dem neuen Super Sicher Portal erledigen.

Wie geht es weiter? Was denken Sie?

Lesen Sie hier weiter –

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