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Webinar Q & A 

What the difference between the IT strategy committee and the steering committee? Is the function same?

IT Strategy Committee is a committee of the board (senior management). This committee reports to the board. Their drivers are future business direction, future technology direction, and future regulatory compliance direction. Their time horizon is 2-3 years. They meet on a quarterly basis.
IT Steering Committee is for the IT and Business Units’ representatives. They meet more frequently. It is represented by IT (preferably CIO) and business unit managers or their representatives. Discussions are about areas which are of immediate concern and have a shorter time horizon.
Both are a must for proper IT Governance.

Does PKI guarantee confidentiality?

Only if the encryption technique used is such that the recipients has to use their PRIVATE key to decrypt the message.

I had done 390 out of 450 on the last CISA exam. I studied the CD Exam many times in order to reach an 88%. Is this enough?

More important than getting 88 percent is to know why you were right in 88 percent of the questions and why you were wrong in 12 percent of the questions.
Every repetitive exercise should be such as if you are reading a question for the FIRST time in your life.
In the exam what is important is success; in practicing questions what is important is comprehension.
One of my webinar attendees from June, informed me that she got 737/800. Because every time she was right, she wanted to know why.

Best, Jutta.

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