Artikel-Schlagworte: „Objectives – Key Performance Indicators – KPI“

Objectives – Key Performance Indicators – KPI

  • (1) Efficiency KPIs
  • Measure how the organisation uses the resources at its disposal to meet its objectives and targets.
  • Effectiveness KPIs
  • (2)Measure how well the organization performs to meet its standard time and whether the outputs are right, especially critical functions.
  • (3) Customer Service KPIs
  • Measure how well the organisation provides services to their customers in terms of quality, timeliness and satisfaction.
  • (4) Compliance KPIs
  • Measure, whether, the organisation succeeds in managing full compliance through the employers.

Performance Measurement Cycle (Demming Cycle:  Plan-Do- check- Act)
Plan – Action – Measure – Improve – Plan

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